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Just a reminder that if you're thinking of posting something for the Sanctuary Poly Fest, you've only got a couple more weeks to do it. The deadline is August 30, and I'll post a master list August 31. The prompt list is here, if you need a prompt (or if you signed up, but what you signed up to do is now hazy in memory.)

In Another Time by bessemerprocess
Elder duckie Ursala Vernon (acid-ink)
In Another Time (2357 words)
Author: bessemerprocess
Fandom: Sanctuary (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Major Character Death
Relationships: Montague John Druitt (Sanctuary)/Helen Magnus/Nikola Tessla (Sanctuary)/James Watson (Sanctuary)
Characters: Montague John Druitt (Sanctuary), Helen Magnus, Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary), James Watson (Sanctuary), Will Zimmerman, Clara Griffin, Ashley Magnus, Henry Foss
Prompt: Helen Magnus/James Watson/John Druitt/Nikola Tesla. AU: James didn't die in Revelations, and the surviving Four come to a temporary truce.
Summary: The surviving Four come to a temporary truce.

FIC: "No One's Angels," Ashley/Kate/Bo (Lost Girl crossover)
Title: No One's Angels
Author: geonncannon
Fandom: Sanctuary/Lost Girl
Pairing: Ashley/Kate/Bo
Word Count: 2,148
Category: PWP
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me!
Rating: NC17
Warnings: I don't know what happened during 'End of Nights' in this universe, but it's different than what was on the show.
Author's Notes: Written for the sfa_polyfic prompt "Crossover: Lost Girl, Ashley Magnus/Kate Freelander/Bo; badass for hire."
Summary: Bo is hunting a monster in the Canadian wilderness, and she needs some local help. Unfortunately the help she finds may be more distracting than helpful.

No One's Angels

FIC: "Teachers and Students," Helen Magnus/Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley (House crossover)
Title: Teachers and Students
Author: geonncannon
Fandom: Sanctuary/House
Pairing: Helen Magnus/Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley
Word Count: 3,024
Category: PWP, Drama, Romance
Sanctuary Spoilers: Hollow Men, Pax Romana (only vague ones)
House Spoilers: Now What, Bombshells, The Dig (ditto)
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me!
Rating: NC17
Author's Notes: Written for the sfa_polyfic Poly Fest prompt "Helen Magnus/Lisa Cuddy/Remy Hadley, after-hours research." This changes some details of House Season 7, but nothing too major. ~g~
Summary: The most important lesson is this: never stop learning.

Teachers and Students

Fic: "Sure and Bright"
Title: Sure and Bright
Author: penknife
Characters/pairing: Nikola Tesla/Katharine Johnson/Robert Underwood Johnson
Rating: R
Word count: ~5000
Summary: It's an unconventional relationship, but Nikola's never been very interested in being conventional.
Notes: For the prompt "it's a very discreet arrangement."

Sure and Bright

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Rules and Intro post
Hi, and welcome to the Sanctuary Poly Fest! This is a prompt fest for Sanctuary stories, art, or vids (or, really, anything else you feel inspired to create) featuring pairings of three or more characters. All pairings are welcome, whether they're pairings of the current team, the Five, or any other characters.

Important Dates

June 22-June 28: Prompt submission
June 29-August 30: Prompt claiming and posting
August 31: Master list posted

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Prompts may contain spoilers for all aired episodes. That said, if you're leaving prompts dealing with the most recent few episodes ("Carentan" through "Into the Black"), please do try to limit specific spoilers to things that are absolutely essential to your prompt.

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